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Delilah’s Choker

Delilah’s Choker

As told by Jessie

9th of Elient

There doesn’t seem to be anything along this wall to get the damned door open. Even if it were to open, what is on the other side? My fucking axe, it had to break now, down here...  

"Trif! What the hell do you think you’re doing!? ... What do you mean weeps alone?"
"It’s what it says here on the sword."

What is that snarling sound? And the smell? Why is Trif at the forefront facing these beasts, how many are there? 12? I need a better weapon.

What’s happening to the room? It’s changing, where have the cells and the bodies gone. The hairs in Jessie’s neck and along her back stand on end. I knew this was going to be a dangerous task, but I was not aware that it would be this perilous. It is one thing fighting an enemy you can see and touch... These mind games are something I am not sure how to deal with. How am I supposed to protect my friends? My friends, I suppose that is what they are. They give me a sense of purpose, and they all seem trustworthy.

"Ellumin, what way do you reckon we should take this time? Do you think we should check out the Northern door first?"
"Yes, but there seems to be something strange behind it, the door is getting colder. Look at it, it is freezing over!"

There is a corridor on this side, and a set of stairs leading, I am sorry to say Trif, further down. I am sorry Trif, I know you want to carry on with the direct task at hand, but going back up to face the creatures in the mist doesn’t seem like an option...

"Jessie, I think we should close this door and check the Western one before we carry on down here."
"Why do you think that Ellumin? Wouldn’t it just be better to walk down, it seems like a safe bet."
"Well, I just want to make sure we don’t miss anything important that will eventually waste out time." Why didn’t I just let him look under the mattress, I feel so stupid...  I suppose you make a good point. 

"Jessie, I want to have a look in the cistern, there’s music coming from there."
"I’ll hold on to you then Ellumin to make sure you don’t fall in. Can you tell what they’re playing?"
"Well, it sounds sad, and I think I can hear a lute and a flute."
"Hey guys, remember what it said on the sword? I weep alone..."
"Yes Trif, that it did."
"What is that you have found?"

It’s so pretty, I have never seen anything like it. I want to wear it... I think I should have, I deserve to have it! 

"Hey, Ellumin! I have a bit of cloth I can polish the choker. Just give it to me and I’ll clean it off for you."
"Hey! Why did you just snatch that away from me!?"
"Don’t just put on random things, especially not something that goes around your neck! What if it carries some dodgy magic?"

I need this necklace. I feel like it would do me good to have it. If there’s anything magical about it I bet it’s a luck charm of sorts, I sure could do with some of that right now... I’ll just grab a hold and pull; I am much stronger than both Ellumin and Dorne. Ha! Got i... Who would have thought Dorne would be that quick! Urgh, the bruise I’ll have behind my knees... I can’t breathe! Never mind the bruises on my legs, my neck! I feel I might die!

"I heard something about this in the monastery. It might be something called Delilah’s Choker. If it is you’re in trouble. It means you won’t be able to take it off. You might have three to seven days, you gradually choke to death and eventually one can only peel it off of the skeleton that used to be you."
"Pfft! I am sure I’ll be fine! I feel better than ever! It’s odd, but the story doesn’t bother me too much." I actually feel better about things. More confident, like people might take me more seriously. "Let’s carry on through the Northern door!"

Trif’s ability to change shape never seizes to amaze me. What an amazing cat she makes, how quickly and smoothly she moves!

"It feels like she’s been gone for ages, time to follow her do you think?"
"There she is, at the intersection." It seems like she wants me to go with her, and you Jessie and Ellumin to carry on through that passage there. 

So you have found another chest Ellumin, go figure. Urgh what is that!? A chest that springs to life, is it another mind game!? Oh, Ellumin didn’t manage to hit it, no... It is tricky, oddly sticky... Great, Dorne is here, he seems to possess some terrific fighting abilities; so swift and agile, surprisingly strong for his build. And Trif! What the hell is she doing, aiming for my legs? Well, I will just have to make sure to step around it. And Dorne, kills it. Just as well, he needs to feel like he has a place with us. I is more capable than he gives himself credit for, why isn’t he more confident?

"Did you two find anything?"
"Yes, a book. I want us to go have a look.  I can’t read it, can you Ellumin?"
"I think it says something about a hole."
"Let me have a look. It says the Pit. I think we might be inthe Pit."
"How come you understand Undercommon Dorne?"
"I learnt it in the monastery."

I found a door, down that passage there, I think it might be the only way for us to proceed. But we need to be quiet. There is a tension there that I can’t explain. Indeed, there have been quiet areas down here, but this is too quiet. A stifling quiet... that door seems to conceal something odd. That door, the death door, is too quiet. Are we at Death’s door?



Imen Taleth

Imen Taleth