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Wine solves Everything

Wine solves Everything

As told by Fain Baruch

16th of Elient

Dwarfs was not made for long distance running.

We ran for hours from Vallaki towards the Monastery in Krezk. In a last desperate push to save Ezras life. I don't get how Pike is managing to keep up. He has been torn to pieces to many times during the past 24h. For how much longer is Trif going to be able to put him back together?

The walled village of Krezk, we are almost there. It looks well defended, i hope we can stay here for awhile and recover, plan our next move. Of course all this presumes we are let in....

As we approach the walls of Krezk village we are denied entry by the guards, after some yelling back and forth they get the Burgermeister. He demands that we are to bring him wine if he is to trust us enough to let us into the village. 

WINE! These lands are being overrun by vampires, witches and who knows what else and he want's us to bring him wine!

So we turn around and head towards the closest vineyard, "Wizard of the vine". Ezra and pike barely made it to Krezk, how much longer are they going to last? Halfway to the vineyard we got a visit from an "old friend" of Trif's.

Trif needs to solve this problem or it's going to get us killed sooner or later. We barely survived last time.

Luckily we have gotten stronger since last time. It wasn't to much of a problem getting rid of "him". Still we can't have him following us like this.We made it to the vineyard where we met with some old people hiding in the woods. They managed to help Ezra, don't know how but it was the best thing that could have happen to us. We didn't really need the wine anymore but, these people saved Ezra's life, saved our lives. If we could help them clear out the vineyard or deliver the wine for them, we should do it. 

The "druids" holding the vineyard had put up some kind of defensive formation that summoned some kind of wooden creatures. It was decided that me and Ezra was to sneak in passed the formation and attack the druid controlling it. That was going to bring the formation down and let Trif and Pike charge in unhindered. It's was an easy job. Trif had already scouted the place and found the druid

Easy, right...
Things didn't go exactly as planned. 

When me and Ezra made it in to the second floor of the vineyard there was no "druid". We could not break the formation and Trif and Pike was charging in. Me and Ezra decided to go to the wine cellar and search for the "druid" and get more wine if we couldn't find her. We found one "druid" killed her and her wooden puppets. But the wooden puppets kept coming endlessly. Me and Ezra got separated, now i'm stuck in a staircase swinging my axe towards an endless stream of walking firewood. 

Where is the bodyguard when you need him? 

Dmitri Krezkov

Dmitri Krezkov

Van Richten's Tower

Van Richten's Tower