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A small but diverse city tucked into the Anstice mountains, it’s walls and buildings are made primarily of quartz, taken from the local mine. During it’s creation some 1200 years ago, it’s founders were rushed to create the defensive city and manufactured almost all the original architecture from large, 10x20 foot slabs of brilliant white quartz flecked with gold. Over the years more refinements were made but the original outer wall and most major buildings have a block like appearance which gives the city it’s distinctive look.

Perthius is also home to several royal lineages most notably Lord Henrik Riverhall who manages and lives in the Perthostus Keep. 


City. 26,700 inhabitants of all major & minor races.


Perthius is in a perpetual state of Autumn, never really falling too cold for the local foliage to turn or too warm for people to go without overcoats or fires in their homes. People are generally good-natured but the threat of goblin tribes from Saim-Hann keep most from venturing too far form the city walls.


Average Lifestyle: Comfortable (2GP/day).


Grand Bishop Avitus

Grand Bishop Avitus

Village of Kintry

Village of Kintry