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All Rivers Run to the Sea

All Rivers Run to the Sea

As told by Thagan Stormwatcher

17th of Eliant

I should know these lands i have wandered them all my life, yet now everything is unfamiliar.

On the eve of the second day wandering though the mist in this land without a real sky, I finally found a road. I could faintly hear the sound of wolves in the wind as i walked along this road. It sounds like they have found prey, then nothing... only the rain falling from the sky. I see a flicker of light in the distance and as i get closer i can vaguely make out two humanoid shapes. The larger of the two stand up and walks towards me. As the figure gets closer i light up my shield i see a badly beaten up brutish looking woman standing in front of me. By the side of the fire is a equally badly beaten up scrawny human man in armour and i see two unmoving shapes on the ground. 

They pose no threat to me in their current state. Perhaps they know these lands?

I decided to stay the night with this group, giving them a helping hand. It turns out the demon looking woman on the ground was still alive but it was to late for the dwarf. They had been transporting wine from a nearby vineyard to a small town up north when they had been attacked by wolves, the dwarf "Fain" had died in the battle. As morning came we set of towards the city to the north, Krezk. The demon woman,"Trif", turned into a horse, pulling the wagon with wine.

After our arrival in Krezk a lot of confusing things happen, we met a "man" calling himself the Abbot.  He was clearly not a man, he was something that didn't belong in our world, but i don't know what. He felt unnatural. But he seemed to need us for something and wanted us to go kill a princess of sorts in a city of Autumn. She is apparently helping the one called Stradh who is keeping us in these lands. The way to travel to where we need to go is through a small spinning top in the possession of the brutish woman, "Ezra".

I don't understand what is going on, this world dosen't seem to always follow the same rules as the one I'm from.

We travel quickly into south east along the road to where we can use this "spinning top" and we are actually transported to another place. As we arrive at this new place we walk out of the forest into the fields, in the distance we see a city.

Here I can clearly feel the presence of the Skyfather but this is not the land i know.

We approach the city and the immensity of it, hits all of us. It's vastly larger than anything we have seen before. Pike is approached by a street urchin and given a note informing him of a meeting a mansion in the city.  We realize we need to get to know this city of Perthius. To be more efficient we decide splitting up to find information and procure supplies. The majority of our group find a armour shop when looking for equipment for Pike and realize that we need to find a way to make money, badly.

Being out in uncivilized lands for so long has made us forget how worn out our equipment is.

Lacking money we start negotiating with the owner of the shop. He offer us a deal, where if we travel outside the city and complete a task for him we can get a full plate for Pike. But we hesitate to accept the deal before we know more of our current mission. Leaving to meet up with Ezra before Pike's secret meeting. While waiting for Ezra we decided to stop for a meal. During our stay something happen, "time stopped" as a huge creature flew over the city. No one but us seemed to have noticed.  With no Ezra in sight we head to the meeting.

We a approach a mansion that looks in bad shape, the upper floor is burned out. It turns out that the owner of the mansion is our contact in the city. An agent of the Abbot. While waiting for Ezra we are offered a chance to clean up. First up is Pike. 

At least it wasn't a trap.

While Pike was enjoying his bath, we get news regarding our missing Ezra. She was leaving the city heading for the mountains, according to the report she accepted a mission from the armour merchant we had visited before. Apparently the warning about goblin warbands in the mountains didn't scare her. We head out as soon as Pike finished with his bath. 

To make up for Ezra's head start we payed a visit to Tarhun, another agent of the Abbot. He was not very interested in helping out. Due to us not having the bribe that we where supposed to give him. Alas, that bribe is with Ezra, the person we want to hunt down.  We finally managed to come to an agreement with Tarhun and we got our map, but it cost us. On our way out Trif got her share of bad news, as we run into an old "friend" of hers, Barash. After a short stand-off we went our way. Both Trif and Thagen knows their way around in the wilderness so we progressed very fast making up for time lost.  

I'm finally back in the mountains, I feel at home, at peace.

At the end of the first day Trif realize that she is not really dressed for the cold. She is going to have a hard time spending the night. As we are looking for a place to spend the night we spot something in the snow storm. It's lone person, Ezra. We start arguing about her going off on her own, until we hear the sounds of something approaching.

We made to much noise, the goblins are coming.

A goblin warband has found us and surrounded us. We hurriedly get into a haphazard defensive formation. But before the goblins charge we hear a deafening roar and the goblins retreat.  

The dragon has found us! 
The Abbot

The Abbot

Rah-Bin Cloudfang

Rah-Bin Cloudfang