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The largest Northern Port in Cordotha and home to all major races and most minor ones, Eswic is known to practically all who reside within Cordotha. It is the only known settlement to have a military force, albeit small, that can extend it's powers beyond its own walls.

7 years ago an unknown figure terrorized the town of Eswic. It started with two young men who went missing in Whiteleaf Woods then progressed into deaths and facial mutilations of young men throughout Eswic. This went on without clues to whom was responsible for such horrible acts and then suddenly, 2 years ago, the attacks stopped. 17 young men had fallen victim during those years and no one has heard of the Butcher of Eswic since. 


City. It’s population swells with the seasons from about 17350 in the Deep Winter to 22000 persons in the Time of the High Sun.


A proud harbor town, it’s tall, thick stone walls are lined with large white and red banners depicting the town itself along with smaller flags denoting The Order of the Gauntlet and the Dome Traders. There's always a sense of optimism here, the hope for a new life beyond. It is the quintessential frontier of Cordotha before the wilderness of the mainland. With the horrible memory of the Butcher of Eswic fading, life has returned to normal.


Modest (1GP/day)


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Grasping at Straws

Grasping at Straws

Leveling Up, In Character

Leveling Up, In Character