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A larger but somewhat hidden village their society accepts no foreigners, giving shelter for only a night before pushing them out the gates. Gothrionne is a fairly quiet place, most seem to talked in hushed voices.  The entire village is built into a stone cliff straddling a large waterfall. It’s made up of a dozen levels with about 70 people living in small apartments on each level. At the top is the center hall which is essentially a large balcony carved into stone and can seat about 200 people.

The people of Gothrionne are aware Nora Bram Stokes murders of Ella and Leonan, parents to Ellumin.


Village. Gothrionne is home to 800 Wood Elves.


Quiet and calm, the village itself seems to be under a constant state of mediation.


Comfortable (2GP/day)



Local Maps

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Leonan Taleth †

Leonan Taleth †

Laura Morac

Laura Morac