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The Western Gate

The Western Gate


From the eastern (Orog Reach) side, this Stronghold was at one time the dominate Human & Dwarven fortress but in recent years has been cut off from the surrounding settlements. No living soul is known to have reached or escaped its gates in the past 12 years since the Gashur Mist has fallen on the lands once again. From the western (Dargaard) side the imposing fortress is built into the icy face of the mountains that serve as a natural barrier between inner and outer Cordotha. While it's possible to get right up to the now closed gates, few loiter for long.


A small group of dwarves and humans were known to keep watch over the Western Gate before the Gashur Mist fell, at that time it was thought to be around 300-400 inhabitants.


The air around the western side of the gate is in a perpetual state of stale mist. Moans and echoes of the undead who dwell on the eastern side can be felt here.


Squalid (1SP/day)


No known factions

Local Maps

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New beginnings

New beginnings

Kar Dunaish

Kar Dunaish