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Climb to Kelmoth

Climb to Kelmoth

As told by Jessie

10th of Elient

So, I'm getting used to Trif turning into these amazing creatures… she really outdid herself today, magnificent!
I've no idea where Sabril Hun-Dar might've gone. Each breath I take seems more difficult, It feels like this curse is chewing me up from the inside, I don’t think these things are ever coming off. I might be able to deal with some chronic pain, but at the rate at which this is increasing I just need to keep on going, there is no stopping now…

Distant voices, "There is an island over there,"
"Yes, but who is to say that that was indeed the way Sabril Hun-Dar went?" 
"Do we have any other choice? We might as well try this island as much as the next one."

Good luck locating her now. Dorne is lost, the codex is lost and not to mention life as we know it. We're all done for. I might consider myself lucky for only having a short time left.

A voice, "Trif, we’ll go ashore on this island!"

What is this place? It looks like a dead giant might… long, black hair and coarse skin. For all I know we might be mounting a corpse… Hold on to the rope they say, it doesn’t feel or look like rope. This is bound to be yet another death trap. Sure enough, they say the air is fresher here, but what do I know? At least the climb so far hasn’t been too bad, naturally it will get more difficult… doesn’t matter, need to keep pushing forward…
I feel so tired.

Distant voices, "This cave seems like a good and reasonable safe spot to take a break. Maybe we should stay here for a minute?"
"No, we had better carry on, things could sneak up on us here..."
"What is that noise? It is coming nearer..."

What is Trif saying? Why is everything so muffled?

Jessie, "What are you saying Trif? What can you hear?"
Trif, "It sounds like rushing wings in the air."
Pike/Orzen, "Do they sound small enough to fit in here? We are still in a reasonably good spot to funnel them through."
Trif, "It has gone quiet again."
Pike/Orzen, "Well, we had better make a move on before it comes back!"

Now that Trif has pointed it out I don’t know if I heard this earlier - it sounded like bodies being flung from a cliff… well, if Trif says it’s the sound of wings then that is probably the case. As long as we’re not just walking back into the torture chambers.

Jessie, "I will walk first. I don’t care what you say Pike, I am a good climber."

Not only does the rope look like hair, it feels like it too. This, surely, can’t be a good omen. At least the short guy came with the good idea of creating handles out of rope to make things safer now that it suddenly got steeper. Trif really has amazing little talents applicable to everything! We would be truly lost without her, I'm at fault, I have failed in my mission and my reason for being me. I'm no more.

Distant voices, "Jessie! You need to wait! Pike must have lost his grip, he fell down!"

Of course he did… nothing can ever go smoothly… we need to catch up with Sabril Hun-Dar.

Jessie, "I will wait here, I will tie myself a seat. Hopefully he will recover the distance before too long!"

It would be nice to take a nap, it feels like I haven’t slept in ages. Besides, sitting like this I feel how truly tired I am… I miss breathing. Breathing? Don’t I mean breathing fresh air? If I stay still like this for too long I will never be able to move again. I need to move!  
What are those scuttling steps? It’s a lizard, it must be Trif!

Jessie, "Are you saying you are continuing up ahead of us? And I shall wait here for a little longer?"

Why did she suddenly twist? She’s still looking upwards, she already 'told' me she was moving ahead. What are those sounds, it’s almost like wings moving through the air.

Jessie raised her shield just in time to block the winged shape launching against her. Smelling its breath it was like getting a lung-full of sulphur, with evil claws and evil eyes it tried to get past her. As its teeth sank deeper into her arm, Jessie realises that her shield will not be enough to ward off such a beast. Remembering that she has a broken arrow as a hair pin she reaches out for it, she drops the shield. She looks straight at it and aims a jab straight in the eye, it shrieks and continues downwards. Jessie stabilises, turns towards the cliff wall and continues climbing.

I knew it was a bad omen… Now I can’t sit still - we need to move! Pike will probably be fine, if not, there are greater things than him to save. Trif must have reached the top by now. How the fuck am I supposed to get across here!? It must be 10 ft across. Well at least there is a rope, I will simply have to tap into the more basic creature of this world and climb cross. I will not look down. At least Trif is a lizard.
So, over the ledge, wonder if that dead guy is carrying anything useful? A wooden Halfling, didn’t someone talk about a Halfling in the Underdark? I’ll take it; and a few copper pieces never hurt to keep only where to store them? There will be fine… When did I end up with Trif’s scimitar? I am tired. I can’t just sit here and wait, I will start taking the stairs. The others will follow I am sure. It is so nice with the quiet, it feels like it is getting quieter the further up the steps that I go. When did I get Pike’s blindfold? It’s amazing to see things in the apparent darkness. The quiet is nice, I don’t want it to end.
Who are they? How can someone stand so still? Maybe they didn’t notice that I'm here. Either way it doesn’t hurt to be a bit discrete. No, they haven’t moved, I will simply advance. Who am I going to threaten anyway with my dainty dress and bare feet? Even as I walk past these apparent statues I can’t help but feel their gazes are following me. At least they're silent. Judging by the different races represented by these ricky shapes it's no coincidence, they've all been drawn or trapped here. I'd better be careful so that I don’t turn into rock.

Looking behind her Jessie can see that the shapes have indeed moved and followed her.

It's creepy, but I am still moving. What is that shape ahead? It looks dead… everything seems dead. It’s clutching something, it’s a map. I had better take a hold of it I suppose. There is no apparent sign of Sabril Hun-Dar. The road splits here, what way should one take? At this point it hardly matters anymore.

Trif, "Why did you just walk off!? I was worried!"
Pike, "Don’t just walk off with my stuff, give me back my blindfold."

Suddenly the quiet has ended. Now I'm reliant on Trif or torches to find my way through the darkness. Never mind, I will walk through the left tunnel. I just need to move. I might as well guess left, it is just as good a chance as taking a right.

Pike/Orzen, "Why are you just walking off? Trif said the other ways is better. You need to stop doing this or we will stop coming after you."

Fine, don’t bother, I am lost anyway.

Trif, "The footsteps seem to enter through this door! Not sure how to get through or what lies behind it though."
Jessie, "One thing I can do besides climbing is opening doors! This I will deal with!"

Shit that was a sturdy door, will give it another go… That did it! How did I end up with a battle axe? My memory truly is failing me.
Sabril Hun-Dar

Sabril Hun-Dar

Mirabel Grinshov

Mirabel Grinshov