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Hobgoblin Hideout

Hobgoblin Hideout

As told by Jessie

11th of Elient

As they enter the door there are four hobgoblins in a room around a fireplace. Orzen disappears and in his place there is a box. Jessie, already in the room raises her axe, feeling a sudden urge of anger she starts wielding it. As if avenging the loss of her old weapon she cleaves the first one in the face. She could almost feel how stunned her companions were, she finally dealt a heavy blow, apparently she isn’t just words. Pike goes in second and deals heavy blows to the fugly creatures in the room. Orzen is still gone, but from the box strange arrows are being fired. Trif conjures her spiked whip and as such clears the way for the rest of the heroes.

After the waves of hobgoblins seem to have ended, Trif looks through the grid of a fire place in the northern wall. There she sees a goblin much bigger and more vicious looking than the rest. The heroes think nothing more of it and continue through a tunnel. A door is blocking the way;

Jessie motions the others to the back, "This is my hurdle."

As she crashes through the entrance the group is greeted with a growl. The biggest goblin they've ever laid eyes on stands before them. It launches against Pike, it hits at Jessie, it deals blows to Orzen and near enough kills Trif. They seem to be done for until they decide unanimously to change strategy. Jessie bull-rushes and grapples the beast. Trif finds a bag, gets it over its head and tightens it with a belt. As its held in place, blinded and grappled, Pike and Orzen repeatedly deal it heavy blows until it dies.

As good as it feels to finally have been a part of killing something, we need to carry on. We can’t stop now. Trif said she saw potential foot prints of Sabril Hun-Dar. At least that is something we agreed on: take the ladder, see what’s beyond and rest later.

And rest later they would. As they climbed the ladder they felt the air getting easier to breathe. There was a smell of water, a freshness they'd forgotten ever existed. Getting level with the ground they find fresh grass, they hear streaming water. The mist surrounding them is warm, and it feels like there may be something resembling a sky above them. Trif, Orzen and Pike (who apparently broke his leg) take a deserving soak in the water. As the dirt washes off them so does the strife of the past days, months or years. They finally relax. Jessie walks off, following the stream.

I simply need peace. There are always arguments, I can’t be a part of it. There seems to be a waterfall up ahead, I will go there. 

As Jessie sits down, the waterfall massages her scalp and drains out any other sound. One would think that there would be thoughts attacking her from every angle now that she has time for reflection, but everything is a blank. The quiet is bliss. The silence is broken by Trif’s concerned words; she wants Jessie to join the others. I simply can’t join the others, nor can I justify it to Trif. What is this stone that Trif has given me? She is always so mysterious and odd, I never fully understand.

Jessie, "Trif, I just want to be alone. Please leave me alone."

Trif is good that way, she does listen. She definitely is the closest I have ever been able to call a friend.  That raven is staring at me. What does it want? I am feeling cold, I had better make a move-on. The stone Trif gave me feels so smooth sliding along the palm of my hand. What would I ever want a rock for? The waterfall is slippery, I'll walk around it. I don’t think I will ever see Trif again. I'm off on my own travels. The trees seem promising. Breathing is hard. I'm not sure whether it is the mist or my body finally succumbing to the constrictions of the curse. All I know is that I don’t want to go back to camp. The mist is getting thicker, it's hard to breathe…I’m tired. This might be a good place to rest… no, it's hard to breathe, no air is getting to my lungs… it is not the curse! There is no air!

Jessie crouches down and starts crawling towards the top of the waterfall. Her eyelids are getting heavier and all she can think about is lying down, close her eyes and not wake up. She is barely conscious as she reaches a clearing. She falls to the ground and doesn’t stir.

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Arik Lorensk

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