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The Death of Jessie

The Death of Jessie

As told by Fain

11th of Elient

We seem to have finally left the Underdark. I can’t see the sky but there is grass, trees and birds just like on the surface. We're injured, worst of all Pike, think his leg might be broken. I truly hope Trif can heal him, he is the only trustworthy person around. We set camp after washing up just the 3 of us, Jesse walked away somewhere.

I hope she doesn't come back - I can’t trust her. We should just leave her but i doubt Trif would let us and Pike needs Trif to get better.

12th of Elient

Waking up after the first proper rest any of us have had in a long time, Jesse is still missing. Trif insists we search for her so we pack up and let Trif lead the way.

Pike’s leg isn’t getting much better and he'll slow us down. At least he seems to have calmed down and gotten a hold of himself again. Why can’t Trif heal him fully, or is it that she choose not to? Her loyalties are definitely with Jesse and Jesse can’t be trusted. At least i can finally stop disguising myself as one of these loathsome Duergar, but it will take a long while getting the stink out of the clothes.

Trif tracks Jesse to the top of a waterfall where we find her hanging from a tree, dead.

She actually took her own life? Well one less problem to think about and i finally get paid for
saving her life. Trif took some convincing but i got what was mine in the end.

As Trif is burying Jesse a large figure suddenly appears from the forest. She is huge! It’s a lost “human” woman that presents herself as Ezra. She asks to travel with us and the group decides it’s safe. They start moving along the river hoping to find civilization.

She doesn’t seem very bright this Ezra, but that is fine and she seem to be far more useful than Jesse if her stories are to be believed. We need all the muscle we can get with Pike crippled.

The group finally finds a road and decides to head West. Along the way they stop as a strong smell of blood and death assault their senses. They decide to head North to investigate. They find a dead half buried man carrying a letter.

Something strange seems to be going on in these lands, might be good to be cautious towards the locals. The letter mentioned a vampire plaguing the land, i wonder what kind of beast this is. Hope Trif’s presence won't spell trouble for us.

We decide to continue on and soon pass through a gate moving along the old Svalich Road. After a few hours we reach a small town. It’s eerily quiet, almost no signs of life.

This town gives me the creeps, why don't we see anyone? Has this 'Vampire' frightened them so much that they all hide in their homes?! If so we need to get inside quickly.

Trif and Ezra get enticed into buying a pie from a odd woman dragging a cart.

How can they just buy pies from someone as suspicious as her?

Soon after Trif loses consciousness and passes out.

I knew it was a bad idea to eat those pies.

Our adventurers carrying the now unconscious Trif make their way towards an in in the north part of the town square. But Trifs presence unsettle the patrons and they are hesitant in letting them stay.

How can she not have a way to disguise herself? It’s only a question of time when some townsfolk will start bringing out the pitchforks and torches.

After revealing that they are travelers new to the land of Barovia. The son of the Burgermeister offer to house us in his home.

This is the son of the Author of the letter, his sister should be the target of the 'vampire.' Hope we don’t get involved into something too dangerous.

In the Burgermeisters mansion they find out that he's dead and that the 'Vampire' the letter mentioned is the ruler of this land, a Count Strahd. He is after Ireena the late Burgermeisters adopted daughter. Her brother Ismark enlists our adventurers into helping bring Ireena to safety, further west in Barovia in place called Vallaki.

If nothing else we will be moving further away from this 'Vampire' and if we are lucky might find a way home.

13th of Elient

Our adventurers help the siblings bury their father and then set off towards Vallaki.

That priest is definitely hiding something. But now is not the time to investigate.

Everyone is very worried and we try to make haste and decide to take a shortcut towards a Vistani camp by the Tser Pools. The local band of Vistani forces us to pay a toll to pass by their camp in the form of buying their goods, they also offer a reading of our fate using their Tarokka cards.

I get the feeling that these Vistani are the only ones that truly know what is going on in Barovia. Not sure if they are to be trusted.
Koylan Indirovich †

Koylan Indirovich †

DM's Update #14

DM's Update #14