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Leveling Up, In Character

Leveling Up, In Character

Character Concept


In this post we will start to get an understanding of what a Character Concept is and how to create one for your Player Character (PC) or Non-Player Character (NPC).  

A concept is a set of guidelines that will help you play your character more consistently and ensure that your choices, behaviour and motivations are aligned. These guidelines are mostly derived from your character's background- the more detailed it is, the more experiences you can draw from when you make your decisions. To better illustrate this, I invite you to create a character alongside me. I will be using the standard non-elite array (11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10).

Marcus Cross - Human

STR:  12(11+1)  
DEX: 11(10+1) 
CON: 12(11+1) 
INT:   11(10+1)
WIS:  12(11+1) 
CHA: 11(10+1)

As you can see, Mr.Cross is rather unremarkable- a clean slate, if you so will. He can become anything we want.  First, I like to start off with establishing a character's childhood. A person's childhood is largely shaped by one's family, friends and environment. Since I used the standard "Peasant" array, he will start off as just that, a peasant. So let's start off where it all began, his family.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your character's family and upbringing: 

Describe your parents and at least one additional relative. 
Did you have siblings or were you an only child? How did you feel about it?
Describe at least two siblings or other relatives around your age.
How is your relationship with your parents? Do you look up to them, wish to be independent or do you despise them?
How do your parents view you? Are they proud or disappointed; are you a blessing or a curse?

Marcus's mother Olivia died not but a fortnight after he was born . Shortly after giving birth, she contracted an unknown disease. She and her husband, Jackob, were poor, simple people- all they had was the farm Olivia had inherited from her father. They couldn't get her the treatment she needed in time. Jackob didn't have any other relatives of his own to help him to raise his son. Between taking care of the farm and raising a child, he did his best. He brought Marcus out with him to the fields as to not leave him alone. Marcus spent his first five years watching his father toiling in the fields everyday. 
The year Marcus turned six was the year his life took a turn for the better for both him and his father. Angela, Olivia's younger sister, returned from her adventures. It was supposed to just be a brief visit to check up on Olivia, but after hearing about her sister passing away and seeing Jackob struggling, she decided to stay. Angela spent most of her time with Marcus, teaching him all about the world and the skills needed to survive in it.
Even though Marcus was very young, the image of his father almost working himself to death everyday was deeply ingrained in his memory. He desperately wanted to help his father and lighten his burden. Marcus' days were filled with hard work in the fields and studying with his aunt. Seeing his son work so hard filled Jackob with a sense of pride. 

With that we have a much better understanding of Marcus Cross and his family. Next time we will get to know a bit more about other people in Marcus's life like his friends, rivals, and love interests. 

Is there anything else you would like to know about Marcus' family? Post in the comments below. 

Lydia Petrovna

Lydia Petrovna

DM's Update #16

DM's Update #16