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Keepers of the Feather

Keepers of the Feather

As told by Fain

14th of Elient

The others are rushing off to help a local priest find some holy bones he lost. I don't have the time to help them. I can feel the connection getting stronger as more magic is flowing into me. If i don't take time to stabilize it, things could take a turn for the worse.  

Fain decideds to rest back at the inn, while the rest of the group heads out into town to investigate the theft.

It's not going as smooth as I'd hoped, something keeps disturbing me. I only vaguely remember glimpses of what best can be described as a "demonic cat." 

After about six hours of rest Fain is woken by the sound of a church bell outside the inn. 

What's going on? Whatever it is it seems to have riled everyone up. They look like they're preparing to fend off an attack. The others aren't back yet, wonder if they are caught up in whatever is going on outside. 

Fain leaves the room and heads out to the door where he decides to stand guard, keeping a look out for the others. After a while he sees a heavily injured Pike & Ezra running towards the inn. After they get in he closes the door behind them and they retreats back to their room where Pike & Ezra tells him about their findings.

Vampires and a whole nest of them! How're they even alive? What should I do if they come here, neither Pike nor Ezra are in any condition to fight. Where is that druid when you really need her? At least they've managed to stop their bleeding somewhat so they shouldn't die on their own. 

Suddenly there's a knock on the door and a small boy delivers a Trif in lizard form. Trif quickly turns back into her normal shape and proceeds to treat her wounded friends while telling her side of what happend during the day. 

Breaking into someone's home? Threatening children and bribing them with balls? This make less and less sense by the minute. How is this related to the vampires and the theft of the Saint Andral's Bones? 

A while later the inkeeper comes by to check up on us. Informing him about the vampires hiding in town and the church being unprotected, a discussion starts if we should head over to the church and protect the towns people hiding there. Urwin is against leaving the inn, he explains that the people gathered here right now are mostly part of their 'group.' A small resistance called the "Keepers of the Feather."

So there is a resistance against Stradh, feels reassuring. But they wont be able to change anything if they only keep to themselves. Why is he so reluctant to help align themself with the church? Both are clearly enemies of Stradh.

After the party fails to convince Urwin to lead the residents of the inn to help out the church the group discusses amongst themselves what they can do on their own in the state they are in.

Urwin Martikov

Urwin Martikov

Fiona Wachter

Fiona Wachter