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The most prevalent and populated settlement in Dargaard. Little trade exists anymore in Antiacus since the closing of the Western Gate to inner Cordotha. Local commerce is mainly mined minerals in the south of the province and foods farmed from the immediate around around the town. The one notable exception is the rare and prized furniture made by a local group of Gnomes from the Antiacus Royal Carpentry and Decorations who use the extremely hard and rare wood of Kerasius Dasos. Foreigners still come from the west to purchase furniture made from their famed shops.


Town, 2000 inhabitants.
30% Human, 20% Half Elves, 45% Other Common Races, 5% Uncommon Races.


Antiacus has a proud history that has in recent years become less and less rememberable. While not outright depressing, the town proper has many buildings, homes and shops that are boarded up and empty. At one time the town boasted a small but famed library known throughout Dargaard and beyond, The Antiacus Royal Library. It mysteriously burnt down over a decade ago and it’s main librarian Llokara Luren has since gone into hiding, rarely if every seen.


Comfortable (2GP/day)


There are five Guilds represented on the Council of 5: The Merchant Guild, The Craftsman Guild, The Farmer’s Guild, O Prostátis and The Order of the Silver Flame.  These guilds have little influence anymore in the region and thus the council is weakened in comparison to the Burgomaster, Thesius Snowpeak.

The WestAxe Lodge

The WestAxe Lodge

Dox the Doppelganger

Dox the Doppelganger