DM's Update #21

DM's Update #21

The Problem

Communication of what is possible at any given time to the players sometimes isn't clear enough. I've added visual signals to the players so they're always clear not only how hard something is but also the time frame (mostly) within D&D terms. The hope is this will lead to more enjoyment and less sense of railroading the characters right into a grave!

Difficult Ratings

Difficulty ratings now have another level, 'Impossible.' While unlikely to be used very often, knowing it's there will give cues to the players of when things are not meant to be overcome with brute force.

 <3% chance of character death.
Resource Drain & Peril are minimal.
<15% chance character death.
Some Resource Drain & Peril.
<25% chance of character death.
High Resource Drain & Peril. Things could go bad quickly.
<50% chance of character death.
Very High Resource Drain & Peril.
Party survival requires good tactics.
<99% chance of character death.
Extreme Resource Drain & Peril.

Please Note: Percentages are rough estimates and not statistically accurate.

Time Ratings

In addition to the difficulty ratings there will now also be ratings for time. This lets everyone know what they can realistically do and if turn-order is important. It also includes a non-D&D concept, "cut-scene."

6 seconds.
Danger is clear. Strict turn order. 
30 seconds.
Prepared scene in which roleplaying/story is key. Danger is not possible unless characters choose to engage or make poor choices. If this happens time shifts to Combat and is unlikely to recover to prepared Cut-Scene. No turn order. 
Dungeon & City
1 Minute.
Danger is possible. Fluid turn order. 
Hours to Days.
Danger is unlikely but character choices may effect adventure outcome leading to clear danger. No turn order.
Days to Weeks.
No danger possible. No turn order. 

* House Rule/Concept

The Beast

The Beast