Updating for the Autumn

I’ve just reinstated the website yesterday, 29 October, 2018. Please bare with me as I get things up and running again.

DM's Update #23

DM's Update #23

Finally back up!


New Map Style

After almost a full year off, I've decided to get back up and running. The decision to turn things off for awhile was simply because we weren't using the site enough to justify the time and money we put into it. Our group had gone through some rather dramatic changes including losing a member and gaining another. On top of that was some rather big campaign choices as well how we played and when. Now however, things have finally settled and with a rather long and much needed vacation this next 3 months, I thought I'd take the opportunity to give our site a nice face-lift. There's still a lot to do, of course. I literally just reinstated the site a couple days ago.


New NPC & Monster Style

What’s Being Updated 

  • Updating every blog entry to reflect more accurately our new style of play.

  • Updating our Campaign Pages

  • Updating our Character Pages

  • Adding information on less “sim-orientated” and more “concept-orientated” gameplay.

Going in Blind

Going in Blind