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The following are in-house adventures created by our Dungeon Masters for our Players. If you're a visitor and interested in using these adventures, contact us!


Call of the Wild

For each passing night Takas grows more restless. Haunted by dreams of running through the wild searching. It wont be much longer until his search comes to an end. When he finds his prey dream will become reality.

Job Value: Unknown
Time: 1-2 Sessions **
Difficulty: (updating) ***

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The Gangler

What or who is The Gangler and what does he want with our feathered friend? It's time to find out.

Job Value: Unknown
Time: 2-3 Sessions
Difficulty: Medium

Cabin Renovations

Tired of living in squalor? Noticing you're not the only mercenaries in town and the other guys have a much nicer sign out front? Put your back and money into the cabin!

Job Value: n/a
Time: 1/2 Session
Difficulty: Easy

Found Wanting

Young Rangers have gone missing in the depth of the Western Forrest. A reward has been posted by the Rangers to whoever can recover their lost brothers and sister.

Job Value: 500GP/Ranger recovered *
Time: 2-3 Sessions **
Difficulty: (updating) ***


The Longest Night

The Party found a dead Unicorn in it's glade in the western forest. It appears to have been struck from above from outside the glade itself. The wound on it's back appear corroded.

Job Value: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Difficulty: Deadly

Children of Ghosttown

Children sometimes go out to play, sometimes they play were it's dangerous... sometimes they go out to play and they don't come back.

Job Value: 7GP/day per Adventurer
Time: 2-3 Sessions
Difficulty: Hard

* Values are estimated at 2-4 times more than a skilled laborer which is 2GP/day.
** This job has an element that may extend it beyond the stated time, players' option.

*** The job's difficult is highly dependent on how the party chooses to approach the problem.