WestGate Mercenaries

Our heroes have grown up in an orphanage, banding together to become mercenaries known as the West Gate Mercenaries. The campaign is designed around a revolving DM with each coming up with an adventure surrounding the main story arc of our campaign.

Our members all have the option to be a Dungeon Master but it's not required. Guest players are always welcome! This campaign is on hold until late Winter or early Spring.



12:00 Meet Up
About 12:30 Game Starts
About 6:00 Dinner
About 9:30 Game Ends
About 9:45 Wrap-Up


Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide
Monster's Manual
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Volo's Guide to Monsters


Every Member must know the rules that apply to their character.
Respond to emails so we know you’re up to date.
Be willing to bend in-game choices for the greater good.
Give no less than 1 week’s cancellation notice.
We’re here to play D&D, a group activity… Be present!